December 22, 2014

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12.5 predictions and challenges for a great 2012
Written by Delphos   
Wednesday, January 04, 2012 3:04 PM

PLEASE NOTE: These are not economic predictions. They are based on my personal observation and first-hand knowledge of sales forces across the United States – their present situation, and their future hope based on market conditions and readiness.
And please DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELVES. Rather ask yourselves: Am I ready to win more based on these predictions and challenges?
1. PREDICTION: More business will be available as the economy begins to surge and the elections become a reality. CHALLENGE: Are you ready for an increase in business, not just with product and inventory ability – but with better attitude, mood, friendliness, and morale of the entire company?
2. PREDICITON: There will be pricing challenges even in the wake of greater business. CHALLENGE: Now is the time for PROFIT. You have left too much money on the table for the past two years. Create a better value proposition, and use it rather than having to justify (and perhaps lower) your price.
3. PREDICITON: There will be an emphasis on 3rd party purchasers and buying groups in order to leverage pricing. CHALLENGE: Build value-based relationships that the customer would lose out on if they joined the group. Get testimonials from customers that decided not to participate.
4. PREDICITION: Full participation in business social media is no longer an option for your company. CHALLENGE: Counsel your counsel and determine what you CAN do. Do that as fast as you can. Your plan must include all forms of business social media, and interaction with customers one-on-one. Need examples? There are plenty of them online right now. One of them may even be your competition.

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