December 22, 2014

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Henry County
Written by Delphos   
Friday, December 28, 2012 2:21 PM

Home Sweet Home
Henry County is blessed with abundant natural resources. It is a large county covering over 416 square miles of fertile farm ground, and is sprinkled with a multitude of wooded areas. Its population of just over 29,000 is not large, but the people can best be described as friendly, hardworking and possessing solid values. This tranquil rural setting is centrally located to large cities (such as Toledo, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland and Columbus). A 45-minute to two-and-a-half hour drive will provide access to all of the offerings of big city life while providing a comfortable, relaxed home base to return to after your travels.

The Maumee River slices diagonally through the county, and is part of the largest river system flowing into the Great Lakes. While it has provided much to life in Henry County in the past, it is still reaching its full potential as a natural resource asset. The Maumee Rover is one of Ohio’s 11 “Scenic Rivers.” It also wears the prestigious title of  “Ohio State Recreational River.” Find out more at


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